Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The princess makes a request for a

Tire Swing
Well, she originally asked for a pony, but when she asked for a tire swing too- I think Dad figured the tire swing would be easier. (I would have got her the pony! HA!)

The "prince" is enjoying it too! Although at 10, he probably would prefer I not refer to him as the prince.

92 degrees already at 9am but there is a nice breeze and its bearable in the shade.

I lost a chicken yesterday due to the heat so I turned the hens out to have the run of the yard. They managed to find their way back to their favorite hang out from last year. Hopefully they will be able to seek out cooler shelter then their coop to survive this heat.

The garden continues to thrive. We haven't had rain in weeks. We did get a quick shower last night but it didn't amount to anything substantial.

Zucchini is taking over.

Thanking God for his many blessings!
Praying for a bountiful harvest.


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