French Angora

We have two french angoras. They are beautiful bunnies with gorgeous coats.



Raw angora is $6.00 an ounce. Contact me to purchase


  1. "Raw Angora"? You breed your rabbits to sell as butchered meat? How cruel.

    1. This isn't my blog, but I must say that "Raw Angora" is a reference to the wool, not rabbit meat. It doesn't hurt the rabbit. Most enjoy the grooming attention. Wool is either clipped (think haircut) or it is gently released as a molt.

    2. Thank you Anonymous for clarifing this for me. We do not breed or eat our bunnies, we enjoy them far to much to eat them and I love the fiber they provide. Their wool is unwashed (hence the term "raw"). I comb them and the wool falls out into the comb. They very much enjoy this and if I didn't do it, that would be at risk of wool block, which could kill them. We do know people who do breed rabbits for meat, and they are not cruel at all, its really no different then any other animal raised for meat. These people do not consider their rabbits pets.