Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bin Project - Phase One

We have a big project going on.

Our landlord will be building new "energy efficient" bins for storing and drying grain on a more centralized location between several farms.

So, we are taking down the old bins on the home farm and will be building an office building next to the shop.

I thought everyone might enjoy seeing the bins come down. I wasn't expecting hubby to do the work and came home after he had already started. The kids and I enjoyed watching the process.

 Bin #2
the bin is crushed and loaded into a trailer to haul to the
recycling plant

 Such concentration.
 3rd bin comes down
 He just picks it up off the concrete - it was pretty cool.
The concrete blocks will be used in the foundation of the new bins.
Concrete will be ground up and recycled as well.

Stay tuned for phase #2
building our office

Can't wait!

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