Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you remember last year I leased a ram from some other shetland breeders.

He was awesome and produced some lovely lambs

Leasing has its benefits for sure but there are also some perks to having your own ram.

I would have loved to have my own ram but really don't have a set up for keeping a seperate pen for the boys.

But- then it happened. A fellow shepherdess by the name of Corinne of CrossWinds Farm  posted all these gorgeous pictures of her lambs. They  truely are lovely sheep and anyone who loves fiber will drool. One lamb in particular jumped out at me. A gorgeous grey ram lamb. Could I possibly make keeping a ram around work? Well, he was spoken for so it didn't matter.

But the more I thought about, the more I wanted to have my own ram. So, I messaged Corinne again and asked her what she still had available. She was going to send me pictures but my friend and enabler Tamara of Zen Goaties and I wanted to visit her neighbor Miss Effies You pick flower farm  and decided to make the trek over to her place and check out her rams as well.

We had a great time at Miss Effies. Anna and I picked flowers and played in the gardens.

  looked at all the wonderful creations in her summer kitchen

Tamara talked Miss Effie's ears off - or the other way around, not sure. But we eventually made it to Crosswinds farm. She had many lovely rams available. But then, little grey lamb or Gunnar as I would soon learn was his name came into view. he still available? Well, Corinne didn't know for sure. She would find out. In the mean time, Corinne did the unthinkable and parted his lovely locks for Tamara and I too see. If I wasn't hooked before, I was hooked now. One word - GORGEOUS!

Well, I decided to wait and see if Gunnar would become available but a day or so later I heard from Corinne that he was indeed still spoken for. Oh well, I made the trip back to her place and picked up a wonderful Moorit Ram lamb to be my flock sire.

Meet Neptune

He is lovely too.
Neptune has adopted Priscilla as his mother and follows her every where.
 I'm not sure what she thinks about this arrangement but she tolerates him well.
Priscilla, Shillelagh and Neptune

I did however let Corinne know that if this other shephardess changed her mind about Gunnar because of his horns not coming in right, please to let me know. I would take him too. Too? TWO? Did I really just say that?

Well, I ran into Corinne again at Miss Effie's Ice Cream social and asked about Gunnar horns. She said he was still at her place as of right now. Well, let me know!!

A day later she told me Gunnar was going to be picked up the following day. And then it happened. I got a message from her that that the other shepherdess didn't want him. Didn't want to take a chance on his horns.

She told me yesterday, hmmm..about 2pm- we brought him home last night! LOL

So, that is how I went from zero-two boys on the farm in a matter of a couple weeks.

Yeah, I'm making all kinds of plans now!!


  1. I am so glad you are happy with him, he is going to be a great wether for you! You'll have that fabulous fiber for years to come :).

  2. Who is the Tamara in your story??? Enabler??? LOL!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously .... Tamara and I talked????? Really??? It is all in the water of Pope Creek!