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Shetland Fiber and Yarn for sale

If you are unfamiliar with hand spun yarn here is some helpful information.
We lovingly shear our sheep in the spring, usually if possible before the ewes are going lamb.
The fleeces are then processed by hand. Either by myself or by Abi of high prairie fiber. The fleeces are washed in hot water and dawn dish washing soap to remove oil, grease and dirt. NO HARSH chemicals or dyes are ever used. They are left in the sun or dry place to air dry. Then they are carded and hand spun by myself or on Abi's machine. Because there is minimal processing involved you may or may not find a SMALL amout of vegetable matter (hay for example) in your fiber or yarn.
This will usually work itself out as you complete your project.
The yarn created is as wonderful and unique as the sheep it came from.
Shetland sheep have a wide color of fleeces, so there is no need to dye. However, dyeing can be a lot of fun, so you will find some hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns for sale along with the natural colors.
I am not a professinal photographer but do my best to capture the true color and nature of the yarn. If you would like additonal photos before purchasing, please email me bksmith@nbson.net

please handwash in cool water and air dry
This is "Smith farms Sunshine" and her lamb Trouble. Sunshine's fleece spun up into this wonderfully soft, dk weight yarn.

200 yards $20

This is Brie Holms and her twin ram lambs from this year. This is Brie shortly after shearing. She has wonderful silky soft, creamy colored yarn.
$20 for 200 yards
approximately 5 oz of roving available from Brie - $20

Smith farm's shillelagh holds a very special place in our heart. She was the first lamb born on our farm several years ago. She was born solid black but her coat has changed to a lovely oatmeal color with flecked of black through out. I love to dye her fleece because of the black, it creates beautiful and unique shading.

180 yards, hand-dyed and hand spun  - SOLD
Spring green Roving available - $5 an oz

This is Gunnar, one of the rams on our farm. He has gorgeous, soft grey fleece. Pictured with Gunnar is his 2013 roving and yarn. It has lightened considerably since last year. I have a couple skeins available of 2012's left as well.

$15.00 for roving - approximately 4oz 
$20 for 200 yards yarn.

Gunnar's 2012 skein of yarn- only a couple left. dk weight, darker grey then this years..plus last year his fleece created this little nubs through out the yarn when spun that he did not duplicate this year.
200 yards dk weight - $20.00

Meet Alexandria, trixie and hermionie too- but this is Alexandria's gorgeous yarn!! (she is the brown girl in the back)
incredibly soft, I love how luxurious it feels.

$12 for roving - approximately 3 oz
and $20 for 200 yards - dk weight yarn

This is "Hawk's" roving/yarn. Hawk is Gunnar and Brie's boy. I dont' have any recent pictures of Hawk. I can't decide if his fleece tends to be grey or brown. its pretty either way.

200 yards of dk weight $20
roving $4 an oz

Meet Neptune and Trouble, 2 more boys on our farm. Trouble is pictured with his mama Sunshine as a lamb and is seen here waiting to have his coat removed. Neptune is in the back, with his fresh hair cut.
I'd like to call this combination Neapolitan. Neptune was spun into a lace weight single. Trouble's fleece was dyed and spun from a cloud into a bulkier weight and then I put them together to create one super soft, one of a kind skein of yarn.

I will be spinning more of this but for now I offer this 280 yard skein of hand dyed, hand spun yarn 

 Hot Fushia - dyed shetland wool- 120 yards $24 - two skeins available

small amounts of Hot fushia roving available at $4 an oz

Neptune's dark chocolate yarn 200 yards dk weight $20


Esther - 150 yards
worsted weight $15.00 a skein

Priscilla - 150yards
2ply- some vegtable matter
2 available

Delilah - 150 yards
1 skeins available


  1. How many oz. of roving are included for the $15?


    1. Hi Rosamund, I have updated the page to include the oz. available. Hope that helps!! thanks for pointing it out to me.