Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snack Time

Somebody - and no one wants to admit to it, turned the temperature down in the fridge. This resulted in a frozen Cantaloupe.

Chickens couldn't have been happier with their afternoon snack.

~ Kathy


  1. Hi Kathy! You recently became a follower on my blog, a county girls livin'. I checked out your profile and was shocked in how much we had in common! I love the county life style and my dream is to have a hobby farm one day! Athough I do have 16 chickens and a mini horse now, so I suppose that is a start!

    Anyways I became a follower on your blog as well. Maybe you can teach me a few things! And FYI my chickens love cantaloupe as well!

  2. Jessica- I'm excited to meet you! I love your blog, btw! welcome to mine.