Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barn make-over (A.K.A. Best christmas present ever)

I've been waiting to blog about this for sometime!

My excitement can no longer be contained.

When my hubby asked what I wanted for Christmas I know he would have loved to hear me respond with something he could get at the store and wrap, but instead I exclaimed "a barn make-over". His response, "wouldn't you like a new diamond?" -"hmmm..Nope", was my reply. I really didn't expect to get a barn make-over..but honestly was the only thing I could think of that I really Wanted.

Well, Christmas morning came and I got some really nice packages from my wonderful hubby -New PJ's and fuzzy socks, Good smelling perfume, oh and a coupon to the nail salon for a pedicure(loved that) and I really don't remember what else -cause the last present was the best of all- a handwritten Coupon for a barn remodel. - I had about a week to come up with a plan and decide what I wanted and needed for my hobby. Laying a wake at night planning a barn is a lot more fun then laying awake at night and worrying about your teenagers.

So, the Barn is nearly complete- We are just waiting on the electrician to  add  lighting and receptacles. (there are absolutely None on this side of the barn)

So..Now for the before pictures.

The barn was once a dairy barn- converted into a machine/storage shed. It is divided into 3 section.

Before picture
Broken window- extension cord provides electricity to the chicken coop next door.

Here you can see that I share my barn space with a bunch of my hubby's Junk Things.
The cattle gate is nice but lets be honest- I'm getting older and don't think I want to continue to climb over it and lift sheep up and over.  Do you like the pallet leaning against the back of the sheep's pen? Yeah- I use that as a door when I need to keep them inside. The rabbit hutch you see is being used to house 2 of my chickens that were being henpecked to death.

The snow on the ground is from the big sliding door on the left of the picture. Snow was drifting in from underneath and also since its so heavy, I would leave it open a few feet so I didn't have to open and close it constantly.

Lovely, huh?

This is my barn today
A wall and door was added to separate my barn from the rest of the barn.-storage shelves, My entire section was walled in AND we didnt' plan it but we ended up doing the ceiling as well.

A cozy little coop for my "henpecked girls" honestly I think they have the best pen on the farm

A bulk feeder for my chicken feed. My hubby came up with the idea of using these bins that seed beans came in and my 18 year old welding the stand to put it on. Saves time, money and ecofriendly!(no more bags to throw away)

Sheep's pen - I have a gate! They will both open flush against the walls so I can clean the pen with the skid steer if I want too.We have 3 lambing jugs up and ready to go- I figured I would only need 2 right now so the third is holding my hay. I also have a fourth one built should I need it and they can come down after lambing season is over. Oh- and yes, the pallet is still there - but is no longer needed as added 2 sliding doors to the back wall.

It would have cost us $800-$1200 to replace our heavy door or close it in and since that was a huge portion of our budget we decided to add the board to the bottom to keep out the snow and our carpenter added a walk in door for me!


Thanks for letting me share.
This was a lot of fun for me and I will be able to enjoy my animals even more now.


  1. Your barn remodel is totally awesome! So happy for you and the lambs!

  2. Your "new" barn looks amazing! What a great Christmas gift.

  3. Your barn looks great! You will really enjoy it! (and so will the animals)

  4. Wow i would have asked for the same thing, So nice that both your son and husband pitched in!! I am so jealous!!!

  5. What a great gift. I love the thinking outside the box on this one! Things to make our lifes simpler is a GREAT thing.

  6. Your new barn remodel is Awesome!! I love the Lambing Jugs!