Thursday, March 3, 2011

New arrivals

New arrivals at the barn.

French Angora Bunnies.

I know, I know- we already have 2 rabbits - a Netherlands dwarf & a Hotot. But - In my defense- these fluffy creatures will provide me with Beautiful Fiber.

They are such sweet boys.

And besides- its my birthday this month, shouldn't I buy something for myself?

This little guy came with the name "Noah"

"Ruby" is Anna's bunny

Ruby and Noah are the names they came with- Anna however, has come up with her Own names for them.
"Sharken" and "Farken"
at much encouragement from her siblings - she caved to their pressure and changed their names "Boots" and "Sharky"

Now- I that I have two bucks I want  need to find a doe.

Anna is known for coming up with Unique names for pets, dolls, etc.

Anna's Cat's Name is SuperHero
He is clearly uninterested in getting photographed.

What do you think? "Sharken & Farken" - "Sharky and Boots" or "noah and ruby"?

~ Kathy


  1. Such beautiful bunnies! I had a trio of French Angoras and absolutely loved them. I have to admit, I ended up selling them because they do require quite a bit of maintenance care and I just didn't have the time. Their fiber is EXQUISITE though! It is incredible when blended with wool (that's what I did with mine ~ blended it with my Shetland fleece) and makes such soft, warm yarn...

    Two 'boys', huh? How about "McDreamy" and "McSteamy"? Then again ~ I'm sure your little ones have no idea who the leading men on Gray's Anatomy are and wouldn't 'get' the names...

    Have fun!

  2. I hope to blend it with wool too. I like your idea of names, Nancy- Your right though, she wouldn't know who they are!