Friday, March 18, 2011

Priscilla delivers the first lambs on our farm.

I have been patiently waiting (okay maybe not so patiently), for what seems like FOREVER, for my ewes to begin their lambing. Last Spring, I thought I had one ewe who was bred- but it turned out she was not. So, it truly has been a long wait.

The Vet came out the end of Feb. and determined that Priscilla was the furthest along of my girls and although she looked huge compared to the other ewes- she was pretty sure there was only one lamb.

Now, I have never liked  Priscilla-not at all. She has always been very skittish and rather "stuck-up"
She refused to eat from my hand and would throw herself down if I tried to touch her in anyway- I made up my mind that after she lambed I was going to find her another home.

However- pregnancy has changed Priscilla. She is now the first one to come up to me when I enter the barn and she is happy to eat from my hand and even follow me around when I am outside. I have grown quite fond of her over the past couple months.

Yesterday - St. Patricks Day- I had gone out to the barn to check on my girls and give them a treat. It was just after 5pm. Nothing seems unusual. They all seemed perfectly normal. I'm not even sure why I wandered back out at 7pm. I didn't even go into the barn but was going to walk around the perimeter of their pasture. I was, needless to say, completely shocked when I saw Priscilla outside (my girls are always in the barn- so spoiled) with not one BUT two little black lambs at her side. Well, I suddenly forgot everything I knew to do. You know the expecting father in the movie who goes into panic mode and leaves the wife behind as he races off to the hospital? Well, that would have been me. I ran for the house to tell get my husband to help me.
He however assured me that I could do it and that they ewes would be more relaxed if I was the only one who went into the pen to gather the lambs and get them and their mama in a lambing jug.
So, I did. I successfully gathered both lambs into my arms and carried them to the lambing jug. Priscilla stopped licking long enough to follow. Her tongue dancing from her mouth the whole time.
Lick, Lick, Licken!

I am 99% sure they are both girls, but being a new shepherdess ~  I'm leaving room for error.

of course I didn't sleep a wink last night- worrying constantly about the new trio.

Now-what about names? I was thinking since they were born on St. Patricks day something Irish would be suitable. I'm partial to Shamrock and Shillelagh- but thought a poll would be fun. Let me know what you think!

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  1. They are beautiful!! Congrats!!!