Monday, March 21, 2011

Another little Girl arrives!

This is so exciting!

Sunday morning- I found Esther having just given birth to a little ewe lamb.

I guess my girls have decided that I don't need to be there when they have their babies. They are all first time mothers and doing very well without any help from me.
Esther and her baby

I was wanting a white ewe- is she white?

Spring began yesterday-
I have always liked spring- but  I think it has to Now be my favorite time of year.

What is your favorite time of year??

And what do you think we should name this little girl who was born on the first day of Spring?

I am feeling immensely blessed these days!!
~ Kathy


  1. Congradulations again!!!! Another beautiful addition! To answer your questions: My faviorte time of year, hands down, is spring! I love all the wildlife, the babies, and seeing my flowers sprout! As for a name I have always liked: Aiyana it means "ever blooming" in Cherokee. Very springish!

  2. Great Name Jessica! Now- how do you pronounce it? I am anxiously awaiting the sprouting of flowers- watching my rhubarb closely :)

  3. I think is is pronouced: Ah-Ya-Nah. Very different! ...Mmmmm Rhubarb! Here in Idaho I still have about a foot of snow covering my yard and gardens, so I am watching it closely ;) Hoping it will melt SOON!!!

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to your family :-)

    My favorite time of the year is.... Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. When your old they're all good :-)

    How about Lamie Poo or Rosebud?

  5. Beautiful little girl! I certainly love spring. That and fall are my favorite seasons.

  6. Hi Kathy, many thanks for stopping by Thistle Cove Farm; my follower button is at the very bottom. Love your new lamb but not sure about a name; Easter came to mind but it's not Easter...? Esther and Easter, don't know but they just ring true for me -smile-.
    My favorite season is the one I'm in the midst of; there are always blessings to be found.

  7. So cute. I had a couple of pet sheep growing up.

  8. What a beautiful lil gal......I'd name her blanca.....spanish for white....It seems appropriate.