Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bakery organization

Sometimes I really miss the kitchen in my old house. It was the first  only kitchen I have had that I actually had empty cupboards even after everything was put away.
There are more cupboards and counter space on the other side.

But - alas, this beautiful kitchen belongs to some other lucky woman now.

Its not that I don't like my new kitchen- I do. I actually like it alot- but ever since we moved here 2 years ago I've been struggling with keeping it organized and finding a place for everything.

I FINALLY order and received my new wondermill grinder this winter. (which I will review on a different day) Something I've been wanting to do for a long time is to grind my own flour.
I have a lovely little pantry/laundry room right off the kitchen. So, finding a place to put my grinder where it would be convenient was the next challenge.

Sadly, this is where it ended up.

Our favorite kind of bread is Hallelujah Bread. Which has 7 different grains in it.
I also keep those on the shelves in the pantry.

Why do I suddenly feel like I've just bared it all?
On bread baking day- I need to remove from the pantry- 5 grains, flour, molasses, oil, honey and now my grinder and wheat berries, among other things.

I thrive on simplicity and saving time. I was thinking maybe a microwave or utility cart would work to put everything on and then I could wheel it in and out of the pantry. Found this one on

however - it was too deep- I wouldn't be able to open the door on my dryer very far.

Then I came across this

And I found it, in all places - our basement. My mother had picked it up at a garage sale for me awhile back. Great find but I never had found a good use for it until today.

And- I have room left over! The only grains I don't have on it are the flax meal, bran and yeast which I store in the fridge.

It fits exactly right in the corner of my pantry and has wheels so I can just wheel it out into the kitchen when I bake bread and wheel it back again when I'm done at the end of the day.

Happy Baking!!

~ Kathy

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  1. That bread looks divine! I wanted to let you know you won the book giveaway on my blog today. Email me your address, and we'll get your signed copy to you!