Sunday, December 19, 2010

Road Trip

Well...Yesterday we took a road trip. Bill and I and another couple, friends of ours,Dan and Kathy.
A lot of people looked at us really strange when we told them we were driving 2 hours to Wisconsin to have our Venison Processed. But you see, we had the most fabulous ever meat processing plant in our small town and they up and left us and moved back to their home town, Cuba City, Wisconsin and its as its should be. Weber Meats has been in business for over 105 years and it was time for the next generation to take things over.

So, we left at 10am and arrived at 3pm. Hahaha- we took the long way around. Driving along side the Mississippi river almost the entire way. The scenery was gorgeous and I wish I had gotten some pictures but I'm afraid if we would have stopped we would have never gotten there. But, I have to say, I did enjoy the drive.

Some of the towns we drove through were LeClaire Iowa, Subula Iowa, and Dubuque.

After dropping off the Venison, and loading the truck up with some 800lbs of Beef and Pork we headed back. We did however stop on the way back- whats the point of driving straight home right? Well, we drove back on the Illinois side of the Mississippi and stopped in Galena. We were all quite thirsty by the time we arrived in Galena and so, our first stop of course, had to be a winery!

I did manage to snap some pictures in Galena of somethings I found quite interesting.

Like this Cook book for instance - so fits me at 40. Need I say more?

I could have bought the Cook book- but when I am a W.I.N.O.S.
the last thing I want to do is cook. So, Bill bought a couple bottles of chocolate wine-
 which meets both needs and rather quickly.

This wine I had to get for all my goatie friends!

This I thought was very Appropriate, probably happens more then you think! LOL

After sampling enough wines to keep us warm for awhile we ventured out and down the street and mostly window shopped. I couldn't help but snap a couple pictures of these signs. Would have bought this one to hang in my house as a warning to the teenagers who reside there - but the shop they were sold in was closed.

This I thought was funny but would have been even funnier if it had said "Wanted Good Man"
So, now that the freezers are organized and stocked full of meat, I feel truly blessed. And I'm also regretting not insisting that we stop yesterday to take some pictures of the Mississippi and the beautiful scenery. I would have loved to share it with you. Here, instead is the view from right outside our door.

3 degrees last night for a high - and I believe Harriette and the other chickens are glad to be inside!

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