Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22nd 2012

Today is my oldest daughter's 22nd birthday.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact she is 22 years old.




Beautiful Mother

Happy Birthday Mary Elizabeth!

The Crops are all planted. Much of the corn is up and looking good. Garden is planted, except I would still like to put some cucumbers in. I have enough pickles left from last year but I would like to have some for eating fresh.

My strawberry patch is coming along nicely but we won't have any berries till next year.

I am joining in on Everyday Ruralty- chats on the farmhouse porch. Here are the questions for today and my answers.
1. What are you doing for Memorial Weekend?
No plans, hoping to have  quiet weekend at home- maybe babysit my granddaughter.
2. What's the last old movie you saw?
Well, we watched an old western the other night, but I dont' know what the name of it was.
3. What color are the walls in your living room?
 They are a yellow- but the yellow is so subtle, it almost looks like a neutral unless the sun is shining on it just right. I love the color
4.  What's your favorite food to cook on the grill?
Well, the only way to cook steak is on the grill  :) so I'll go with steak.

5. What's your favorite animal?
Do I have to choose one? I really love my hens but I also love my sheep. Since I an snuggle with the sheep more then I can the chickens, I'll say sheep. Don't tell Wendell, I'm sure he would be my favorite horse :)


  1. Your daughter & granddaughter are beautiful. You must be so proud. Have a great week :o)

    1. Thank you Sherrie. You have a great week also.

  2. What fun to see your daughter through the years! Congrats to you and to her! I have two guys in their 20's and feel the same way.
    I feel the same way about animals as you do - I couldn't pick a favorite. I love them all!

  3. I really like our sheep too. I like all farm animals, but I could never face Wendell if I didn't say horses were a favorite! Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  4. It's always difficult to wrap one's brain around the concept of children growing up. We have three kiddos. Our oldest will be 24 next month, DD#2 turned 22 this month, and our DS celebrated his 18th bday also this month. Time waits for no one. It was lovely to visit you today! =D

    It's All Downhill!

  5. I love the pics of your daughter over the years! My mom really wants a little lamb :)

    Here's my Chat: