Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyday Farming Problems

It has been a busy week here. The planting is done.. The garden is in. But we haven't had any rain. Things are dry. So I've been watering like crazy. The new fruit trees, the garden, the animals.
Moon Gold Apricot Tree

Yellow Transparent Apple Tree

If you have been following my blog you might remember that a few weeks ago (or maybe longer) we lost a few chickens and ducks. I was confused because it didnt' seem like  coyote behavior. Well, we caught the predator red handed. Our neighbor's dog. We really like our neighbors and the dog has visited before and we speculated the loss of a few other birds might have been him but for some reason it never occured to me that he was the cause this time. But then a few days later, I caught him red handed. Our neighbors have cooperated in efforts to keep this from happening again and  reimbursed me for the  loss. Its good to have wonderful neighbors.

This is what I woke up too yesterday morning. "Georgy Porgy pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry when the boys came out to play Georgy Porgy ran away."

You should have run away Georgy.

 Poor Georgy. He fared better then I did. Things like this stress me out. I have such a small flock of sheep I dont' keep a lot of medications on hand. After I panicked, I made a trip to the vet and after I got him doctored up, I felt much better. It was just the shell he broke off. He was so good letting me take care of him.

Last night we finally caught our nightly visitor, or at least one of them. The cat food was disappearing at an alarming rate and duck eggs were being eaten by the dozen. I found this in the barn when I got up this morning.

I set the trap, and now I am trying to play the girl card and get the farmer to take it from here. Poor thing looks terrified.
He will be relocated.

Our son got his ATV this week so we took a ride through the pasture and around the farm the other night. It was really windy and if you didn't keep your mouth closed you ended up with a mouth full of insects.

We saw deer, coyotes and a pair of pheasants. All running to fast for me to get any pictures.

These are new food plots for the wild life.

black raspberry plant, but they need rain

So happy to see he always wears his safety goggles and helmet.

Fishing pond #1.

These were everywhere. Any idea what kind of flower they are?

Old barn which houses the rams and ponies.

Pond #2. It had lots of catfish in it at one time. Not sure if they are still there or not.
But there are dozen and dozens of frogs.

Hoping all of you have a blessed weekend and please pray for rain.


  1. I hope you get some rain soon! We are supposed to have a bunch of rain tomorrow so I will send it your way.
    I'm following your blog now!
    Yolanda @ Chickens on the Moon

  2. I heard the Native Americans dont pray FOR rain.......they pray rain! The differance is they are not asking for something rather they are vizualizing the rain with all of their senses....smell, touch, sound, taste ect. FEEL the rain and bring it in!

  3. I love the frog! We don't have neighbors with dogs that run thank goodness! We do have coyotes but the raccoon and opossum try for the chicks. We have their coop and pen completely barricaded now but that also means they can't run. There's only 1 raccoon that we let hang around. She is one eyed and just sits with the cats after they have their fill of the food. If we walk out she either backs up and lets us pass or just keeps eating. I'm not sure she realizes she is a raccoon.

    1. Kathy, I am so thankful the Raccoon didn't bother any of the animals, especially the new born kittens. I would freak out if I walked in the barn and saw a coon there with the cats.

  4. wow you were lucky to catch you neighbour's dog red-handed, they can't really argue with that photo! And your poor ram, be looks like he wants you to help. The racoon is also very cute, I've never seen one, he doesn't look impressed to be in the cage! I hope you get some rain soon, I know what its like to wait and wait while everything dries out.

  5. Farming is full of difficulties and triumphs; both bring me to what I told another farmer blogger and it's true.
    It's been raining again and I need to get in the garden to finish planting. Always work to be done, eh?

  6. Hi! Came over from Willow Homestead.

    Just wanted to say I sympathize about the dog issue. All the animals we've lost have been because of someone's dog. I'm sorry for your losses.

    Glad you caught that raccoon, too. What a mess he could have made!

    Your land's lovely, by the way. I will think "rain" for you. We've had enough here in NY.

  7. Poor chickens! But, it’s good to hear that your neighbor was responsible. You have a good farm there. Setbacks do happen, but I think your farm is very much okay. As I can see, your farm is well maintained, and you have a passion for every aspect of farming. I hope it’s all been well and good for you and your family!

    Salvatore Aguilar