Monday, April 23, 2012

Picture day on Smith Farms

I was thrilled to have my friend and professional photographer come out one afternoon and take pictures of the kids and animals. She is
passionate about what she does, and when someone is that passionate you know your going to get wonderful results. Here is just a sneak peak of some of what she has done.

Soon will be a high school graduate

Remember the tire swing was suppose to get her mind off a pony - That lasted about 5 months when Dad had a weak moment on Christmas Eve. The princess loves them both.

 Our Rhode Island Red Rooster - who is missing a toe on each foot due to being hen pecked (and I do mean that literally) and his entourage of Shirleys (any sex link hen is known as "Shirley" on our farm)

Sunshine and her gorgeous ram lamb named Trouble and rightly so

Our handsome 10 year old and Simon

Life is good and we are truly blessed. Hope to share some more photos from this shoot soon!


  1. These are beautiful. The one with your little girl holding on to a bit of tire swing rope is precious.

  2. Holy smokes! Your daughter in the dandelion prairie is just adorable, but Trouble takes my breath away!! Those markings are amazing! Fingers crossed for good horns. :)