Thursday, March 15, 2012

Avoiding chicken math

This year I have successfully avoided something my friend at crosswind farms likes to call chicken math. I was able to find some lovely young pullets for sale just a few miles from home, thus avoiding packing peanuts, brooding and expensive chick starter. The girls I picked up make a lovely display of all colors and sizes. I'm not a big fan of leghorns but I didn't know they came in colors other then white and so I had to bring a couple of these cuties home with me. There is the Light Brown Leghorn as well as the Exchequer Leghorn.

These little girls are excellent foragers. I also picked up this little cutie. She is a Blue Andalusian.

She is smaller like the leghorns and lays a large white egg. I also picked up some Barred Rock, a Golden Comet and a couple of White Rock.

The ducks are full grown now and laying like crazy! We get almost a dozen fresh duck eggs everyday. The eggs in my opinion are very rich and really put baked goods over the top in taste.

"Danny Boy" is keeping watch over his flock. A gentle fellow but keeps his eye on things.

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  1. If you want to avoid Chicken Math, you are going to need a new group of friends ;)