Wednesday, September 21, 2011

goodbye summer

I was a little sad this year to see summer coming to an end. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into fall activities (like school!)
But I have made peace with fall and I am certainly enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.

The end of summer marks the end of the farmers market. This will be the last week for me this year.

I will  miss visiting with my friends Tamara of Zen Goaties and Amanda of My Mommys Creations every Saturday.
The end of Summer is also marketed by the Maquoketa Ia, small animal and bird swap.
I am happy to say that Tamara and I went to sell, not buy this fall.

I took 8 chickens and 2 angora rabbits.

This Guy
and this guy - Errr... This Gal.
I sold 6 chickens - not bad. I only made one purchase, that's right ONLY one.

This lovely speckled Sussex -( try saying that 3 times fast.) pullet
Her name is Lucy and I've grown rather fond of her. She is the friendliest of  my flock.
I think, in about 30 days,my trip to Maquoketa may have gifted me with many more bonus critters.
I "thought" I had 2 male bunnies and thus stuck them in the same cage. They proved me wrong and gave everyone at the swap a crash course in animal reproduction all morning long!!

The office building is coming along and nearing completion.

electrical is finished- waiting on trim.
In the break room- looking into my husband's office
Looking into my office.
 I picked up these two baskets at Miss Effie's You Pick Flower Farm during The North Scott Farm Crawl. Which was a blast!!  They were hand -made by Tracy of Basketwerks and I'll be decorating around them. I think I need another tall one for my waste basket. Aren't they beautiful?

So, Hmmm..what else. Oh, yes. We have ducklings!
1 Cayuga, a handful of Khaki Campbells and a handful of Blue Swedish.

They are cute - but they stink! Enough said.

 I am praying for a beautiful fall with cool mornings and sunny days, and a safe and easy harvest for my farmers.

~ Till Next Time

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  1. I'll join you in your prayer; it's almost Autumn and I'm going to welcome it whole heartedly. Your office building is coming along nicely; I know you'll be glad to have it finished.