Saturday, May 28, 2011

Breaking and Entering!!!

I've been building fence, rearranging the pasture. Up till now,we have had the pasture by the barn split so the chickens and sheep were kept seperate. I decided to open it up and see how they got along together.

"hello? anybody home?"

"Come on, coast is clear"

This could be a problem!
"I'll keep look-out!"

"caught! no where to hide"

A pitiful look if I've ever seen one

 "get out and don't come back"

"quiet down in there, can't a girl lay an egg in peace?"
Yeah- I don't think your suppose to be in THE BARN either!
~counting my blessings and thanking God for each day ~
life is such a gift


  1. Great funny post, Love it! lol You got some really good pics.

  2. Poor, starving things...having to eat chicken food. I can almost see their ribs...if I squint really, really hard...-grin-
    Those lambs are brave to face down those chicken lips!