Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter chicks

Finally, I break from the rain. It has been a miserable spring here in the midwest. No complaints today though. Beautiful! I was up at 4am to drive an 1.5 hours to Freeport Illinois to the small animal swap with my friend Tamara.

Anna had inquired a week or so ago when we were going to have some baby chicks.Well, I wasn't planning on hatching or getting baby chicks this year but who am I to deny my 4 year old the pleasure of having baby chicks. So, my goal was to get some 1 or 2 Americana bantams for her to enjoy. Plus, I had to pick up a Rhode Island Red Rooster from Trisha of County Line Hatchery. I've purchase from Trish before, hatching eggs and chicks. Her stock is so nice.

So.....Here is Mr. Rhode Island Red Rooster

 Here is one of the lovely little bantam chicks - I ended up getting 3.
You never know
you might lose one and then you wouldn't want the other to get lonely

Then I decided I should really get some standard size Americanas. I was just going to get three, really I was. I couldn't decide between the blue, black or splash. So, thought I should have one of each and then you know what are the odds you would have three hens? Better get 6 to increase the odds.

 Here is Anna- she is thoroughly enjoy her new babies.
In fact she was very quick to name 2 of them.
Remember Anna has a talent for coming up with unique names?
This is Shirley Temple.

This one is just Shirley.

Happy Easter Everyone!
This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.
Many Blessings,


  1. Who could resist such cuteness? I just love her names!

  2. Sweet, cute post. All lil country girls need baby chickies every year, lol. I love when I hatch chicks or have a broody who wants too and then I love when my lil nieces and nephew come down to visit... the love the baby chickies.

    You new chickies are very cute.

    ps we dyed our farm fresh eggs today & they turned out great... very bright & pretty

  3. Haha! I love your reasoning from getting 2 to 9? :) I need your wits! When I was only supposed to get 4 last year (...and ended up with 25) I told my husband that I couldn't decide on a specific breed. Plus they are just so cute! ....But you maybe more right. We lost a total of 10 birds, from babies passing to dogs getting in the coop.

    I love your new additions! Can't wait to see how they look when they are full grown!!! Happy Easter!

  4. Your daughter is cute as a button!

  5. Your daughter is so cute! She deserves cute chickies!
    May I suggest other names for the rest of the chicks? Shirley Will, Shirley Might, Shirley Knot, Shirley May, Shirley Am, Shirley Can and Dont Call Me Shirley....... LOL

    And you are right about Trish and her stock. I have known her for years and never has she been so passionate and dedicated to any animal project as she is to the chickens and hatchery. She has worked so hard and done so well, it is just amazing!
    I was also at the Freeport swap, and hope it will continue and grow to be what I hear it once was in past years.

  6. Hi Larry- great names! I'm feeling a little sorry for the chicks that turn out to be Roos- but we can call them all shirley for short! LOL

    Trisha's birds are beautiful! I got a blue and splash cochin chicks from her last spring- grew into the most beautiful pair of birds. If I showed birds- I would have shown these. Maybe Anna will enjoy showing someday.