Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special Delivery

Today we had a special delivery via United States Postal Service.
Most people have no idea that you can mail order a live chicken. Because day old chicks are still absorbing their yolks  they can survive without food or water during shipment.
Its a day that I wait for with much excitement and inticipation - I can never have too many chicks - however letting my husband talk me into getting 75 has me wondering if we have BOTH lost our minds. He is the one that is suppose to keep me grounded when it comes to bringing new animals home. Total chickens on our farm is now over 100.

When the chicks arrive at the post office - they call bright and early- usually before 7am.
75 Rhode Island Red pullets - kids couldn't resist peeking in the box on the way home.
I'm probably going to catch heck from my Chicken Breeding friends from ordering hatchery stock
but I really needed all pullets and most of the breeders I know don't sex their day old chicks.

Lots of "peeping" going on.

Sounds like we will have nice weather the next few days- perfect for growing baby chicks!
if I'm lucky- I will find one "roo" in this group of girls. Then I can do some of my own hatching.
I've learned to really love the Rhode Island Reds- they are quiet, easy going breed and lay nice, large, dark eggs. Plenty of them too!

Next on my list - Ducks!

In Other News!
My oldest son Jake proposed to his girl last night.

She said "yes!"
reguardless of how old this makes me feel - I'm super excited and happy for them both.

Caleb practicing his photography skills ~ Anna practicing her smile. 
(by her attitude and lack of sleep- I say this smile is fake)
but she is still cute.

~Enjoy this beautiful fall God gave us..
winter will soon be here!

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