Monday, September 27, 2010

Cirrus Arrives

Today Cirrus Arrives
Courtesy  of Shepherdwoods Farms

He is quite the gorgeous fellow
and so far - well behaved.

I wish I could have gotten better photos of his interactions with my girls.
Esther Clearly seems unimpressed.

"Will work for food!"
He is just visiting for the fall/winter
and he has work to do.  One male surrounded by 4 young females...
I doubt he minds.

Anna gives Esther her daily treat from the other side of the gate
 and keeps an eye on Cirrus.
She's not to sure what she thinks of him but has been instructed to stay out of the sheep's 
pen while he is visiting.

We are soo looking forward to babies in the spring.
Thank you Tamara -who goes with me on all these crazy trips to shop for animals, admire and sometimes
gawk at the farms along the way...and who always drives. I appreciate you!

~ Kathy

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