Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grinding Wheat

 I've come to realize that wheat is the basis for nutrition. Full of mineral salts, calcium, and many other minerals as well as  vitamins A, B, E, K, D, and so on. We all know that whole wheat is a better alternative then white bread..but what are we losing when we purchased bread from the store that has been refined, processed  and packed full of preservatives?

So, This is what I've learned lately.

Whole wheat is a nutritious food but the vitamins and minerals dissipate quickly once the wheat has been ground into flour.
Within 24 hours of being ground into flour, 45% of its nutritional value is lost.
After 72 hours -90% of its nutritional value is lost.
That is 90% of the wholesome grains nutrition that does not make it into our family's bodys.

While, looking for more information on the subject I stumbled upon Jane Brody's Good Food book.
It has a lot of information in it about wheat and different types of flours. It makes note that
"refined wheat flour may be "compared to refined sugars and fat", which force a consumer to make up their nutritional deficiencies in the rest of the foods eaten."

Now, I've also been told that freshly ground whole wheat flour tastes better- I've never had yeast bread with fresh ground whole wheat flour BUT this gentleman at the farmers market makes an absolutely to die for Zucchini Bread with 100% whole wheat flour. It is soo amazingly good. When I asked what his secret was- he said "I grind all my own flour"

For the last 2 years, without knowing any of the above, I have had an urge to start grinding my own flour.
My husband grows wheat for Pete's sake - All I have to do is step out my back door.
So, This winter - my goal is to begin grinding my own wheat flour - to switch my family over to whole wheat everything (my oldest son will have the biggest challenge to this) and make all my own bread! (if anyone has a good sandwich bread recipe please let me know!)

So, I'm doing research on grinders.
Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm looking at the nutrimill
L'Equip 760200 NutriMill Grain Mill
A friend of mine has one and seems to like it okay.

Another option would be an attachment for my kitchenaid

KitchenAid GMA Grain Mill Attachment for Stand Mixers
I've read some reviews and hear it works well but tends to quickly burn out your mixer's motor.

Would love to hear about everyone's experiences with grinding their own flour and your recommendations.


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