Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Harvest begins

I love fall- and the weather has been near perfect lately. This years early spring has allowed us to begin harvest early as well. It was a new record for my DH- The earliest he has ever started picking corn - September  fourth. I play chauffeur a lot, driving them back and forth to the fields to get equipment and either put it away for the night or move it to another farm. I caught my husband and 2 oldest boys just as they were finishing up for the day.

I was dropping Jake off to pick up the semi - now full of corn. He passed his CDL tests just after his 17th birthday and has beendriving the semi ever since.

My Hubby bringing the combine in

A.J. has been driving the grain cart the past couple years.
As long as he gets fed- he doesn't complain!

Now, its time for a late supper and early to bed. (if were lucky) Tomorrow we have school in the morning
and then back at it in the afternoon.

Life Is Good!

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  1. I love Harvest time....corn fields being emptied...I will soon be able to see the school from across my house! Keep safe, boys!