Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lazy Chickens

Its Been Hot here - all summer long. One of the joys of having chickens is gathering and eating the delicious eggs they provide. I have roughly 36 hens of laying age right now and should be getting 2 dozen a day. It makes chores a real drag when you only find 4-5 eggs each day. Now that they weather has cooled off some their egg production should pick up buttttttt, from the looks of it, these girls aren't in too big of hurry to get back to work.

This is Mr. Cogburn. He is the first chick I hatched. A cross between Americana and Cuckoo Maran. Its not too hot to race for treats!
"hurry up before everyone else gets here!"
Here is Mr. Cogburn's Twin - I honestly can't tell them apart, so they both go by the same Name!

As much as I enjoy the roosters.. They won't be sticking around. Although these particular boys have remained gentle some rooster become very protective of their hens and aggressive as well. Can't have that with a 3 year old around. I'll have to get over being sentimental about my "first hatch" cause I'm sure they will taste mighty good this winter.

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