Friday, August 31, 2012


Summer has gone by too fast. Much to fast. I realize I have been neglectful when it comes to my blog. I like to tell myself that not much as been happening to write about, but that's not entirely true.
This post is dedicated to sharing all the new critters that have come to live at our house over the summer months.
First was Gus.
What little girl doesn't dream of having a horse? I certainly did. I am forty-two years old and I finally got myself a horse. I have so much to learn about horses and so much to learn from him. Thankfully, Gus is patient with me. He is a pasture buddy to Anna's pony Maximus and my two rams, Neptune and Gunnar. They all get along very well.
Next came Hermione

and Alexandria
Then came this little guy...
Who, by the way, is growing fast and not so little anymore. We call him "Jack" because Anna loves Little House On The Prairie and that was one of Laura's dog's name. Jack is a mutt - but we are guessing he maybe he has a little bit of border collie in him from his coloring and markings.  He cried constantly the first 5 days we had him, but gradually he stopped crying. He seems eager to please, but has a lot to learn. Jack has quickly captured my heart. I pray he has enough sense to stay away from tires and moving vehicles.
And my last purchase, could possibly be the one that causes me to lose all my hair!
I brought Trixie home last Friday. I built a small pen for her in the barn right next to the other sheep. Trixie, apparently did not like her pen and jumped over the fence, not once, not twice, but three times. I finally gave up and put her in with the other sheep. Who, by the way, were not as happy as I was to have another ewe in the barn. They chased her away and head butted her when-ever they got the chance.
Sunday morning,  I was outside bright and early, thinking I was going to go to church at 8, so I wanted to get my chores done. I like walking out in the pasture among my sheep and scratching their chins. Even though I wasn't anywhere near her, Trixie freaked out. She ran into the barn, cleared the fence to the pen with no problem and jumped out the  walk-in door. I spent the next hour trying to "catch" her. She just wanted to circle the house. Finally, the farmer came out and together we managed to corral her into one of the sheds. I was able catch her with no problem after that. Honestly, I was ready to put her into a trailer and haul her to the sale barn. But, I didn't. I took her into the barn and sheared her ( she had managed to get her fleece full of burrs). She was well behaved during her shearing, probably cause she wore herself out. Then, I put her back in with the rest of the flock. I'm happy to say, she has since calmed down quite a bit and doesn't run every time I go out there, however, we have a long way to go before she is eating out of my hands.
It's been a hot, dry summer and I welcome the coming of Fall.


  1. I love Gus! A spotted horse. I'm not a horse person so I don't know if that is a certain breed but he is beautiful.
    Good luck with Trixie, LOL.

  2. Lots of new critters. I love horses but prefer visiting with my daughter's pony. That way I get to love on a pony but she has to scoop the poop:)

  3. I'm loving the critters at your they are as well! Gus is a beauty and so is Jack. Heck, they all are beauties. Bless you for taking them in.

  4. That horse is beautiful ! I'm glad you are back- love hearing about your animals. The pictures are an added plus. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Todd