Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly

This is Miss Molly. Miss Molly loved to fly the coop everyday. It didn't bother me but the neighbors dog as well as a few coon were enjoying my chicken for dinner far to often. The Farmer added Cattle panels to the fencing to make it taller in an effort to keep the chickens in. They all stayed in the run after this, all of them except Miss Molly.
Everyday, I would see her strutting around the yard, pecking and scratching for her dinner and every night I would see her back in the coop roosting with the rest of the chickens. I couldn't figure out how she got out or back in. I tryed to find and plug the holes but the next day, she would be out again. And then one night I noticed that Molly wasn't in the coop with the other birds. That was almost a month ago and I hadn't seen her since. I wrote her off as dinner for some predator.

Then this morning I was on my way back into the house when I passed by a fir tree out in the yard and heard some clucking noise and there she was, Miss Molly, coming out from under the tree with a brood of seven chicks.
I was dumb struck.

It didn't take long for the cats to find the chicks and we had to rescue two of them from being coming lunch. As much fun as they were to watch parading around we decided to move them into this little hutch.

 The family seems happy in their new home.

 I noticed that Miss Molly had left behind several eggs- when we picked them up we could hear chirping inside and one of the eggs was beginning to crack.

 This little guy makes the 8th chick.

Miss Molly made my morning, heck she made my week. We are all enjoying her new babies and marvel out how she managed to survive underneath that tree.
Once again, I can't help but marvel at God's creations.
~ Kathy


  1. Oh, I bet you were just so surprised and so, so think you thought she was lunch and off she was making chicks...glad you rescued them quick smart.....

  2. Aww those baby chicks are just adorable!

  3. Wow! How did she and her eggs survive like that? Amazing! And I'm glad you found this last little egg. Thanks for sharing the video!

    I love happy endings!

    I posted about my chickens too. :o) I hopped over from Deborah Jean's place.


  4. Miss Molly is such a sweetheart; a good Mama and a keeper!