Wednesday, May 2, 2012

chats on the farm house porch

While visiting Everyday Rurality, I decided join in on their Front Porch chat. Its raining today, again, and I'm still recovering from being sick so what a better way to spend the day then blog hopping and getting to know others through their thoughts and stories.

Here are our questions for today:
  1. Who do you go to when you really need someone to talk to about something important?
  2. How often do you grill food outdoors?
  3. What's the interior color of your car/truck/van?
  4. What's the last great buy you got?
  5. What's new?

1.  My husband, parents or my friend Ann, like you, it kind of depends on the subject mater.
2. I grill all winter long and several times a week. We have a gas grill so its easy to light.
3. My truck has a tan interior
4. hmm.. we went to city wide garage sales last weekend. It was kind of a bust. I think I spent a whole $1.15. But, I did get a couple rubbermaid salt and pepper shakers for  Bill's lunch box. Only paid a dime for them both so if  when he loses them it will be no big deal.
5. 5 little ram lambs were new on to the farm this spring. Rain is also new, we have been dry this year up until last weekend and its rained almost everyday since last Saturday.

Chats on the Farmhouse porch


  1. You have a nice blog. New lambs must be so cute. We don't have any farm animals yet...Hope to soon though. Have a blessed week. I'm your newest follower :O)

    1. yeah Sherri, you made my day! Welcome!! The new lambs are adorable. They grow so fast, wish they would stay small just a tad bit longer. Have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting

  2. I'm glad you joined in! We're glad to have rain now too. We have a big crop of lambs, but none are tiny. We brought them here from another farm, so we missed the baby stage. :( Have a great week!