Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chickens - not just for laying eggs

The weather here in Illinois has been unseasonably warm. The high was about 58 degrees today and we were cruising around the farm today with out a coat. The chickens too, have been enjoying the weather and they are still free ranging which works great for me. I started a flower garden right outside their run this fall.(Yes, I did say outside the run- they fly the coop on a daily basis, cause the grass is always greener on the other side, you know. In this case it really is!) Instead of removing the sod I laid cardboard down and have since been piling on the leaves, manure, and used straw bedding. The chickens have been doing a great job of turning it all over for me.

Trio of Americanas purchased from County Line Hatchery
She has the prettiest birds

This guy needs a name- any ideas?

Easter Egger
Easter Egger

Guess its time to brace myself, looks like by the end of the week our nice weather is going to disappear and winter will finally rear its ugly head. I know all of you with animals outside are feeling the same as me, but with any luck spring will arrive on time.


  1. I love chickens! And I love 58 degrees in January!

  2. What a handsome feller, so proudly strugging, showing off to his girls.
    I'm glad I visited today, saw your recipe on the last post...made this bread over the weekend and it's really good. Mine fell apart, a trifle soft but that's because I didn't do such a good job kneading. Still good though, thanks!

  3. I think your rooster looks like a Jeffrey :)