Monday, November 7, 2011

Design on a dime- fit for a princess!

I am in no way an interior designer
 I have to say I am very proud of the room we have created for our little princess.

When She first arrived her crib was in our room. Then when we moved her crib was in the office. From there she got a toddler bed and moved into our youngest prince's room. They have since shared but even as patient and loving as he is with his little sister, he was wishing and longing for a room of his own.

The completion of our new office building freed up a bedroom in the house and just as her feet were beginning to reach the foot of her little bed, the Prince and the Princess got their wish.
They both got a room of their own.

I knew for her room I wanted it to be soft and feminine. She loves Princess, I love to make it work together?? It's a very small room, so it had to be well organized. I wanted it to feel spacious yet have room for all her treasures.

I toyed around with the idea of investing in new furniture but that just didn't seem like a wise decision.

The first find was a dresser on our hometown swap.

It was pink and purple and had fairies on it! I knew she would like it. $100- probably not the biggest bargain.

The lamp was one I already had. I dressed it up a little.

The "bow holder" was a hand-me-down from her big sister and the quirky cat was something I purchased for $6.99 at a local store down town.

This picture was "complementary" with paid dinner at the Epcot Center in Disney world. If you don't figure in the cost of the plane tickets, hotel and park tickets or dinner - it was free.

I searched for some kind of storage unit, either for her closet or room. The best deal was closet maid at target. Got them on sale for something like $34.00.

 Both "The Sleeping Beauty" bank and "Mrs Potts"
we garage sale finds by her sister and grandmother. 0 cost to me.

Area Rug, garage sale find $10

This is the cutest  little bedside lamp I've seen. When you turn it on it plays a tune while the princesses dance around and around. Found it at a second hand store this summer while on our family vacation $5.99

Little night stand belonged to my great aunt flossie. It was a ugly brown color. My mom was happy to give it a face lift painting it white with lavender handles to fit nicely with her room.  Perfect, huh?

One of my favorite pieces and the one thing I splurged on. There is no overhead lighting in her room. I needed to find some kind of ceiling lamp. I had to go online to find one that didn't have to be hardwired into the ceiling. So cute and very princess-ee. $149.99

I ended up using a twin bed we already had.
The headboard was red- I spray painting it white.

The best part of the whole room is
 the quilt on her bed.
 The quilt was started over 20 years ago by my Grandmother- well before the princess was even a dream to her father and I.
My grandmother past away almost 10 years ago and since then the unfinished quilt has been in my mother's basement. She finished just as the Princess was ready to move into her new room. It is truly a treasure upon a treasure.

I love the vintage fabrics and hope to find a vintage floral fabric that would coordinate well  to make a new curtain for her window.

I love putting her room together. I love that there are so many elements of the room that were contributed by other people.
She truly has a room all her own, filled with treasures from those she loves and that love her.

~ Kathy

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